Machine park

Machine Park


In four plants, with a machine park of 55 CNC machines and more than 100 employees, we adapt to the maximum and realize all the wishes of customers, from delivery deadlines, quality, and price.

On machines that follow the most modern state of technology, production is carried out here by qualified experts, from simple to very complex parts, from individual pieces to high-volume production.

The company produces parts for alternative energy (wind power plants), products for hydropower, products for the wood industry, products for the construction industry, products for the automotive industry, making machines for winding wire on electric motors.
1.Hitachi Seiki HiCell 30Φ350 x 600 mm
2.Mori Seiki ZL - 25Φ480 x 1200 mm
3.Hankook VTC 80Φ1000 x 800 mm
4.Hitachi Seiki Super HiCell 250Φ300 x 1500 mm
5.CHIRON FZ 22L1600 x 520 mm
6.Deckel Maho MC 600H660 x 500 mm
7.Deckel Maho MC 600U660 x 500 mm
8.Hitachi Seiki VK 45 II770 x 400 mm
9.Hitachi Seiki VM 40 III550 x 350 mm
10.Monforts RNC 400Φ400 x 600 mm
11.Monforts RNC 400Φ400 x 600 mm
12.SMT 12Φ580 x 1250 mm
13.SMT 12Φ580 x 1250 mm
14.Okuma LU 45Φ700 x 1000 mm
15.Monforts RNC 700Φ650 x 1000 mm
16.SMT 12Φ580 x 1250 mm
17.Deckel Maho DMU 60 linear500 x 500 mm
18.GILDEMEISTER Twin 500 linearΦ400 x 1600 mm
20.SMT 10Φ520 x 1000 mm
21.SMT 10Φ520 x 1000 mm
22.SMT 10Φ520 x 1000 mm
23.TRAUB TNA 600Φ600 x 1000 mm
24.Hyundai - Kia 460Φ750 x 1500 mm
25.Hyundai - Kia 460Φ750 x 1500 mm
26.Monforts RNC 500Φ500 x 1000 mm
27.Monforts RNC 400Φ400 x 600 mm
28.Doosan Puma VT 900Φ900 x 600 mm
29.Deckel Maho DMC 60U600 x 500 mm
30.Mori Seiki CV - 500550 x 450 mm
31.Mori Seiki CV - 500550 x 450 mm
32.Burkhardt & Webber MC 80800 x 800 mm
33.Graziano GT300Φ250 x 400 mm
34.Graziano GT300Φ250 x 400 mm
35.Hitachi Seiki HT20 S11Φ250 x 600 mm
36.Hitachi Seiki HT23-JΦ300 x 600 mm
37.Hankook VBR 85RΦ900 x 600 mm
38.SMT 14Φ620 x 1000 mm
39.Hyundai - Kia SKT 300Φ500 x 600 mm
40.Hyundai - Kia SKT 280Φ400 x 1000 mm
41.TRAUB TNA 600Φ600 x 1000 mm
42.Deckel Maho MC 800H800 x 600 mm
43.Deckel Maho MC 800H800 x 600 mm
44.Deckel Maho MC 800U800 x 600 mm
45.Deckel Maho MC 600U600 x 500 mm
46.Maho Mahomat 600500 x 400 mm
47.NORTE VHS 6302000 x 620 mm
48.NORTE VS 20002000 x 500 mm
49.Deckel Maho MC1600U1600 x 800 mm
50.SMT 14Φ620 x 1500 mm
51.SMT 20Φ650 x 400 mm
52.STAMA MC 534400 x 300 mm
53.Monforts KNC6Φ500 x 3000 mm
54.KERN CD 480Φ400 x 1000 mm
55.STUDER S40Φ250 x 1000 mm