About us

Who we are?

Bezak MTP d.o.o. grew from the craft of the Bezak family which was founded on June 1, 1983. year and registered only for plastic production. The craft was founded by Dragica Bezak. Two years later, 01.06.1985. the activity of the production of metal products is introduced, and the craft is expanded to Zeljko Bezak, one of the pioneers of CNC / NC processing.


bezak mtp prošlost
  • 1983 – Humble beginnings
  • 1993 – Entry into the German market
  • 2008 – Establishment of Bezak MTP d.o.o.
  • 2012 – New production plants 3 and 4 in Ivanec
  • 2014 – Partnership with LIEBHERR
  • 2016 – Partnership with BMW in cooperation with Hidria

At the time of the Homeland War, we started to work with textiles as we joined the MORH programs to equip the Croatian Army, and then we counted about 40 textile workers. At the same time, metal industry handled parts of military technology, and then Robert Bezak, today director of Bezak MTP d.o.o. A few years later, brother, Milivoj Bezak, is also involved in crafts.

In 1993 we entered the German market, and there we are creating a business partnership, for over two decades. The next few years later we realize that the activity of manufacturing metal products becomes number one in our production.

From January 1, 2008, Bezak MTP d.o.o. is established to make business more predominantly to overseas customers, and to make it easier to adapt to market demands.

The World Crisis in 2009 hit us too, cut off our workforce, but afterwards we got back stronger. We managed to regain most of the employees, continue to grow continuously, and then we started the construction of 3rd and 4th manufacturing plants in Ivanec. They are opened in early 2012.

By increasing our new capacity, we are entering the new construction equipment market for the world-renowned LIEBHERR company, and our relationship with them is being built since 2014 and still account for 40% of our capacity today.
With good results and constant growth, in 2016, we are able to prove to the most demanding customers and enter the automotive market. We produce parts for BMW motorcycles in cooperation with Hidria from Slovenia.


We are a private company that started operations in 2008 headquartered in Lobor, Matije Gupca 2, Croatia. Bezak MTP d.o.o. is the heir of former Bezak craft and 100% owned by the Bezak family, retaining the complete production program. Our tradition has been growing ever since 1983. Three generations, over 30 years of experience.

Bezak MTP d.o.o. a long-time product manufacturer for a very demanding European market, is constantly and regularly upgrading its own machine park, striving to keep pace with the dynamics of technology and market changes and customer requirements.

In four manufacturing plants, with a machine park of 54 CNC machines and more than 100 employees, we maximally adapt and realize all customer’s wishes, from delivery dates, quality, and prices. We exist to satisfy the buyer, and a satisfied customer is the foundation of our long-term success. Since 1993, our overseas customers have witnessed our successes.

'Bezak' is a brand where tradition and development go together.

On machines that follow state-of-the-art technology, skilled craftsmen, from simple to very complex parts, are manufactured here, from individual pieces to high serial production.

The company manufactures spare parts for alternative energy (wind power plants), hydro power products, wood products, construction industry products, automotive products, electric motor winding machines.

We sell our products to the German and Austrian markets.


In our efforts to get closer to customers and to grow and consistently meet customer expectations, the company must be plentiful and vital, so we are introducing the LEAN (Toyota Production System). Because our clients are in 1st place.

The fundamental goal is to continuously improve product quality and increase productivity of all employees. In its development strategy, the company envisages an increase in production for approx. 50% in the next ten years after the introduction of new machines co-financed by the European Union

Providing a desirable job for every employee, and for those who want to become one. Create an image of the company that care about their employees, and maintain partnership relationships and trust at a high level.

Since 2018, in Bezak MTP d.o.o. the son of Robert Bezak, Željko Bezak (junior) also comes in. The company’s awareness and philosophy is shifting to better, with the goal of internal stability and solid foundation of the enterprise.


The purpose of our business is to constantly invest in newer and bigger machines and to expand our services, in order to reduce the time of production and also to reach as close as possible to customers, and together with them we participate in the entire production process – which distinguishes us from the competition.


Become a modern and contemporary machining company on the domestic market and beyond, with further investment into new technologies to bring company closer to the industry 4.0, and meet new customers who appreciate us to continue our ongoing growth and expansion trend.