Quality policy

Management and employees in Bezak MTP d.o.o. always tend to develop into a profitable company in which satisfied employees will work.

Quality is the job of every employee, and the goal in every job is ZERO ERRORS.

politika kvalitete. Bezak MTP d.o.o. posjeduje ISO 9001:2015 certifikat

Setting goals can only be achieved through continuous learning and investing in knowledge, enhancing the technological level of the company and systematically focusing on the high quality of our products and services, constantly improving and legitimizing business.


The task of each employee is to raise the level of own knowledge, as well as work on raising the knowledge of other employees.
The quality and price of an acceptable service and products will result in the satisfaction of our customers and enable us to become competitive.
Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success in quality, and our own results and success must be compared to the best.

Strategic goals

  • Become one of the leading companies in the domestic metal processing market,
  • To work positively in compliance with all legal regulations,
  • To have satisfied employees,
  • Educate employees with new technologies,
  • Invest in new equipment and tools,
  • Continue the trend of growth and development of the company and increase profits,
  • Successfully carry out the LEAN transformation

Operational goals

  • Constantly improve customer satisfaction,
  • Maintain existing customers,
  • Increase efficiency and reduce product delivery time,
  • Strengthening ecological awareness