CNC milling, drilling and turning

We are in the service of manufacturing parts on CNC machining centers according to customer specifications and technical documentation. Our machine park of 54 CNC machining machines is 80% covered with cranes.Read More »

Sawing and Grinding

Having four metal sawing machines, one CNC saw machine, we cover all cutting ranges, so that the idle operation at cutting is as small as possible.Read More »

Quality control

Our quality control team will 100% inspect your product based on ISO standards with the most modern measuring devices, to ensure 100% technical documentation requirements.Read More »

Welding, Painting and Assembly

In our efforts to adapt more to customers’ wishes, and to do more work under the same roof without subcontractors, 15 years ago, we started assembly and painting in production hall large more than 600 m2.Read More »


To speed up the entire process from quotes to delivery, we have CAD / CAM programs, more specifically SolidWorks and SolidCAM.Read More »

3D Printing

The significant advantage of 3D printing technology is making production more accessible, more flexible and individual. It is used for quick prototyping and products that are difficult or impossible to produce with other technologies.Read More »