CNC milling, drilling and turning

We are in the service of manufacturing parts on CNC machining centers according to customer specifications and technical documentation. Our machine park of 55 CNC machines is 80% covered with cranes.

Two revolving head machines, two clamp heads, rotary tables, minimum tool modifiers, 5 and more axes, and iMachining, are just indications that we understand the customer and the custumer understands us.

We are specialized in bigger, harder and more complicated. Minimum delivery times and maximum quality meet all customer expectations.

80% of production consists of steel and gray cast iron, 10% aluminum and its alloys, 5% plastic, and 5% other materials.


  • Size: 10×10 to 2000×600 mm
  • Average size: 350×350 mm
  • Degree of complexity: medium and high


  • Size Φ10×10 do Φ1000×500 (Φ600×1200) mm
  • Average size: Φ500×400 mm
  • Degree of complexity: medium and high